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Working with your hands is inherently satisfying. For many people doodling or fiddling with whatever is at hand staves off boredom during long meetings and workshops . You can take charge of this simple fact by leaving some “holy scrap”
on the table. Encourage people to play with your offerings; but it is best not to attach ANY significance to them. Many will begin to play with them as soon as their attention to the front of the room action fades. And some people will never touch the stuff.

It can be argued that the unconscious manipulators are processing information and thoughts kinesthetically. Many facilitators notice that there is a more benign energy in the room. And frequently there are some wonderful products.

HOLY SCRAP is any combination of simple things such as pipe cleaners, play dough, wire, colored paper, tape etc that will entice people to pick them up and play with them. I stick with ordinary stuff that is not branded. People project more of themselves onto things that are not already carrying a big message.


I have documented this ambient phenomenon informally for a number of years now. Enjoy the photos.



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