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Getting out of the BOX is the NEW BOX

Thoughts on the deterioration of a powerful metaphor. The first time I heard someone say “out of the box thinking”, I was riveted by the image. So was everyone else it turns out. And now, some fifteen years later, people pepper conversations with it. It has become a cliche. I get the same feeling when I Read More


Working with your hands is inherently satisfying. For many people doodling or fiddling with whatever is at hand staves off boredom during long meetings and workshops . You can take charge of this simple fact by leaving some “holy scrap” on the table. Encourage people to play with your offerings; but it is best not to attach ANY significance Read More

Kinesthetic Modeling Workshop San Francisco, March 20, 2010

Learn to use KM in your practice. This workshop is geared to facilitators, coaches, and consultants. In one day you will experience the process, learn what makes it tick and become familiar with how to facilitate KM with your clients. Julie Gieseke, a Bay Area coach and facilitator is presenting with me. She’s an experienced Read More

DARWIN’s EYE, …a Thought Leader’s Craft

  “More than anything else in his life, Charles Darwin liked to look at things. He liked to look at things the way the way an artist likes to draw, the way a composer likes to play the piano, the way a cook likes to chop onions: it is the simple root physical activity that Read More

LOGO DESIGNER uses Kinesthetic Modeling

Tania Von Allmen picked up the basics of Kinesthetic Modeling last year at the IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners) Conference in Chicago where I spoke last August. Here is her description of how KM gets her clients to the heart of the matter, the imagery they hold beneath their day to day business preoccupations.  Read More

The LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE – bird’s eye view

I have lost track of the number of Leadership Challenge workshops I have captured graphically over the past six years. I am always refreshing my understanding of this powerful program developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Recently, in a session with a group of government executives the big picture came together nicely under pressure. Read More


REAL TIME VISUAL CAPTURE of important ideas, conversations and decisions boosts the productivity of any group.   “We help ‘at-risk’ urban kids refurbish donated airplanes. Then THEY fly them to the customer”. Lyn Freeman of Build-a-Plane in LA explains his revolutionary educational program to a conference convened in San Diego by The Big Picture Company. Read More

COACHES use Kinesthetic Modeling

Coaches try KM by the Bay, Berkeley Marina, March 28, 2009 – Geoff Ball, John Ward, Charles Tack, Chance Massaro and Elena DuCharme discuss the debriefing of a model. Seven others participated in the workshop. Coaches can use Kinesthetic Modeling, especially at the beginning of a relationship, to quickly discover the “issues beneath the issues” Read More

The Buzz was about KM at VizThink 2009

The Kinesthetic Modeling (KM) session Monday at VizThink was a sellout. Tuesday, many conferees were asking for an encore. That evening after dinner a second group got together. They were intrigued to experience how simple kinesthetic activity liberates visual expression and original thinking. Be sure to check out David Sibbet’s perceptive post about the evening Read More

KM – Workshops – 2009

The KM process is designed to tap every person’s innate ability to express themselves visually. There is almost no learning curve for participants. However, if you decide use KM in your coaching practice or as a facilitator with small teams in your organization you will need to need to come to our workshops. They are Read More

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